• MUNETAKA LAUNCHING ASICS 2020 TOKYO CAMPAIGN Munetaka挥动asics 2020东京奥运广告片大旗

    Thursday August 25, 2016 / Share

    As the Rio Olympics comes to an end, Munetaka is firing us towards 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Asics ‘Want It More’ campaign kicks off with an open letter inviting the community of professional and amateur athletes to come together through to share their passion, dedication and love of sports to reach greater heights. 

    Asics has opted to use the original images with very minimal retouching and Munetaka loved the challenge and had a blast shooting this. We, on the other hand, loved this series of imagery. 

    奥运束的同Munetaka迫不及待献上2020年东京奥运的广告。asics这次题为WANT IT MORE主要鼓励全职和业余运动爱好者去分享更多关于运动的乐趣,透过这个广告去启发和激励运动员达到目标。

    最值得关注的是 -这一系列照片是未经修图美化,客户大胆采用照片的最原始一面,这也能表现出摄影师的技术与背景故事的真是性。这一次,Munetaka放下强劲动感节奏,一起细心品尝他的温文静态一面。


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