• Nike celebrates speed for latest Shanghai marathon 耐克“有种快叫上海”为上马速度喝彩

    Tuesday January 2, 2018 / Share

    The campaign presented a powerful and psychedelic visual that celebrate the passion, the focus and the energy of each marathon runner throughout all media in the city. Amanacliq is honored to have been part of this phenomenal event for several years. This year photographer Pari Dukovic successfully delivered the ultimate spirit that Nike China and W+K Shanghai wanted to share with all passionate runners.

    Rooted in Shanghai, Amanacliq has been an astute and dedicated observer of the urban culture with an unique ability to identify the characteristics and the energy of the city through authentic visual stories. We salute our runners for this campaign as we covered the whole city to capture the SHANGHAI SPEED.  The running track under the neon lights looked familiar yet fresh. The cinematographic tone clearly define the passion of our runners. Keep running, keeping exploring.  Every runner is creating a culture the moment he or she starts to run and we are here to capture it all.

    『有种快叫上海』通过户外广告板、城市跑道的交互式霓虹灯、社交网络内容和零售店内的影片与图片向大家奉上了一场视觉盛宴,用摩登的方式有力地呈现了跑者的速度、激情和专注。Amanacliq 有幸连续几年参与上马广告的平面制作。今年平面广告中所使用的艺术作品都由摄影师Pari Dukovic掌镜,他在平面空间里展现了耐克中国和W+K上海追求的极致上海速度。



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