Monday November 10, 2014 / Share

    Pak was recently invited by Imagination Shanghai to shoot the new EVP campaign for their client - Ford. 

    This campaign is aimed to visualize Ford's corporate philosophy "Togetherness" - at Ford, they believe that bringing work, people and their environments together they can achieve limitless possibilities. People fuel their passion, spark their innovation and drive their business forward all together hand in hand. 

    The 1st pillar "Campus Recruitment" featuring Ford's real employees and their children has just been released. The image shows that the kids are happy to see their future through their relection in the river.  Ford and their employees are always connected as a big family within which they grow together, develop together and achieve things together. 

    Working with actual employees is a little different from using actors and models. Usually, “real life” people need to be coaxed to bring out their performance. Not so with the Ford staff. “They were really into being Ford employees,” Pak explains. It didn’t hurt that Pak had built a fun and soothing playlist for everyone to listen and jam out to. The result is really satisfying. 

    Pak is going to finish the rest of this campaign in the following weeks. 


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