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    Sunday October 25, 2015 / Share

    One of amana productions  "hue"  was introduced in a famous Japanese TV show called “Sarameshi” – (Salaryman’s Lunch) where they introduce how employees spend their precious lunch time.
    Sharing employee’s lunch time leads the viewer to understand what their job are really like and an insight of their working environment. Because hue is famous for their food related production with their in-house professionals and  cooking studio, their unique lunch time was introduced on the show.

    After the air, we have received warm messages regarding the show, including a very exciting job enquiry directly for a full paged cover ad for Asahi Newspaper on Seattle-based snack maker “POP! gourmet popcorn”

    ANTIBAC JAPAN GROUP (Asia region license holder of the brand) called in directly to hue for the enquiry of the production of the full paged cover ad without going through an agency.

    Hiro Ishikawa is famous for the technique to shoot mouth watering photographs that is eye-catching and leaves a strong impression to the viewer. His portfolio was shown at the first meeting and not only was he appointed as a photographer, he was also appointed to lead the creative side of the campaign ad. The aim of the ad was to “gain publicity by creating a popcorn ad that no one has every seen before”.

    Except for the layout and design, Hiro Ishikawa was in charge of most of the art directions including the catch statement in the middle “popcorn?”.

    He explains, “It is always hard to clearly visualize client’s needs, but by working without an agency made it possible to work in a very close relationship.” 

    The submission was done within 2weeks, which could only be done because of the tense environment between the client and production company. Because of the fast high-quality result they have achieved from this ad, currently there is another on-going project coming up soon.
    Client’s need is the task that is essential to be accomplished in any circumstances which hue, and skilled photographer like Hiro Ishikawa made is possible by visualizing an appetizing photograph by controlling most of the creative side. 


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