• TMALL celebrates Women's Day with Ari Michelson 天猫和Ari Michelson 一同欢庆3.8妇女节

    Friday March 9, 2018 / Share

    Women's empowerment has become a significant topic of discussion in recent times. T-Mall took the chance to come up with a campaign to celebrate women's independence.

    Ari Michelson's vibrant energy and flair of making talents feel at ease right away is apparent in this series of images. The pictures represent modern feminism that rejects conventions and celebrates women empowerment and their love for life. We are proud to collaborate closely with the client and ad agency, WMY, to make this happen within a very rushed timeline.


    摄影师Ari Michelson的镜头总是能精确的捕捉到活力美好的瞬间与自信满满的笑容,他完美的诠释出了新时代女性独立前卫的个性,爱旅行,爱运动,会努力奋斗也会享受生活。让我们和天猫一起,遇见更美的自己吧!


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