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    The adage goes that if you want anything you can find it on the Internet and it will be delivered to your home: no questions. That was dreamed up to suggest finding the strangest things that anyone could want, but in recent years we’ve also started to use the Internet to pick up simpler items, things that we use on a daily basis that would usually bring us to our corner store: laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper. Why should we waste our precious time slogging all the way down to the store when these items can be brought to our doors? The new website Jet.com offers this service and they teamed up with Vault 49 to illustrate what it can do.

    In a series of ads that combine photography with CGI, Vault49 brought the experience of Jet into compositions that demonstrate the experience having the busy work done for you. The four images show users in different states of euphoria, each one of them having their “mind blown” through the ease of use. Each one of these characters represents a totally different market and each of them are able to satisfy their unique needs on the site.

    The mother finds all of her baby products (and some chocolates for herself) and her mind is blown by the potential for free time. A gym enthusiast finds all the weightlifting and football products he needs (along with some health supplements, and some shaving cream to stay silky smooth). A style diva finds all sorts of beauty products and accessories (along with a vision of herself at her most glamorous). Finally we have an everyman who sees each of his possible desires from a grill to power tools to a brand new laptop each available at his fingertips (along with some fresh underwear). Vault49’s work is an encouragement that you should check out everything Jet is offering and see how it can blow your mind, too. 

    The advertisements are popping up all over, including a major installation in New York City’s Penn Station. Keep an eye out, and prepare to have your mind blown.


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