• WELCOME ON BOARD THIERRY DES FONTAINES 欢迎Thierry Des Fontaines加入我们代理摄影师之列!

    Tuesday December 1, 2015 / Share

    We are thrilled to welcome Thierry Des Fontaines to our roster! 

    Thierry Des Fontaines is originally from France and currently resides in Rio de Janeiro. He started his career as a fashion photographer and eventually discovered his love for shooting sports. His fashion background provides him with an exciting flare to photographing sport.

    Thierry doesn't just point his camera at the athletes and fire away. He dives into the huddles headfirst, scaling ladders, dodging basketballs, and baskng in the sweat of his photographic narratives. Thierry's unique interactive style and approach provides an exhilarting reality and movement to his pictures. It's something that is both artistic and inspiring. He recently finished a book titled, Bola, in which he documents the beauty of street football throughout South America.

    Check out his portfolios http://amanacliq.com/photographers/thierry-des-fontaines   


    Thierry Des Fontaines来自法国,现居巴西里约热内卢。以时尚摄影作为他的起点,继而转型他最爱的运动摄影。拥有时尚摄影背景的他,以擅长的时尚触觉结合动力美学,他不止于对焦、按快门,他喜欢钻入探索杂乱拥挤人群中,最擅长以旁观者角度切入。让他的镜头带领你穿梭运动员之间,叙事摄影是他独有的风格。

    其作品的特色,是渗入真实性与动感十足元素,更厉害是,他的作品同时具备张力与故事感,仔细看的时候并不觉得空洞乏味。他近期完成作品集-bola, 纪录了南美洲的街头足球的生活,清晰,直接,真实,撇开商业化噱头和过度复杂的后制,一切都靠光线来完成。



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