• WK INTERACT X NIKE 涂鸦大师WK Interact的第一次中国行只为耐克!

    Monday November 16, 2015 / Share

    Undoutedly this is one of the most thrilling and memorable campaigns that we've ever worked with W+K Shanghai and Nike. Teamed up with W+K Shanghai, we got world famous street artist WK Interact on board for the epic mural paint and installation. Collaborated with retired pro runner JIN YUAN, who became the head coach for the Nike Run Club.

    This is 1 of the 10 illustrations that was produced for Nike Shanghai City Attack campaign this year. 

    This is the WK Interact's first artwork in China. He first flew over to Shanghai to shoot Jin Yuan, then return to his studio in NYC to finish the mural design and printing. Swiftly enough, he's back in Shanghai with all the cutted prints and got the massive wall all pasted up seamlessly.

    The whole process from concepting to launch lasted many sleepless weeks but the final work proves worthy of all the tears and sweat! 

    The huge murals in black and white uses a QR code. With it, people can scan and get extra digital content, including animations. Have a look on the video just below.

    毋庸置疑这是我们与W+K 上海及耐克非常难忘的合作!这次创作主题人物为退役跑者暨Nike Run Club的主教练金源,我们邀请世界著名的街头艺术家WK Interact来进行涂鸦和艺术装置的创作。

    这也是今年我们为耐克上海拦不住十个插画制作项目的重头戏 。

    这是WK Interact在中国的第一个艺术创作。他先后来上海两次。第一次,他跨洋过海到上海拍摄金源,尔后再回到纽约工作室完成插画设计与打印。准备就绪以后,他再次来到上海,带上所有已裁切的打印作品与现场工作人员齐心协力完成拼贴工作 。





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