• Friday May 19, 2023

    Nike | 跟着飞马,世界大有跑头

    amanacliq recently worked with female photographer, Huang Xinyi, to shoot China’s beloved runner, Su Bing Tian donning the latest Nike’s Pegasus series. During the shooting, they work so well together and it was a real pleasure to be part...Read More
  • Monday May 15, 2023

    The North Face | 点燃好奇心,做自然探险家

    The latest The North Face kids campaign is a joy to produce. Photographer Jedi and Director Saima relive their childhood by immersing themselves with the kids talents and thereby creating the most natural, fun and carefree imagery. This perfectly f...Read More
  • Tuesday March 21, 2023

    Nike Future Fitness 尽情做自己

    amanacliq has worked with photographer Di Wei for Nike’s latest legging products shooting, and the main theme is to capture and document every seemingly insignificant thought and emotion. Nike zenvy relaxing set expresses a sense of young peop...Read More
  • Tuesday December 6, 2022

    Jordan! 心高 不分主场

    Jordan has passed a marvelous 25 years mark since their first product AJ 12 was introduced into the Chinese market in 1997. amanacliq is proud to produce this significant campaign celebrating Jordan’s achievement. The tag line is expected to we...Read More
  • Wednesday November 9, 2022

    NIKE FIT|#OOOTD无惧严寒侵袭

    amanacliq participated in the latest fall/winter campaign for NIKE entitled #OOOTD.  The extra O here refers to Outdoor. It also represents NIKE’s commitment to satisfy everyone’s  outdoor needs this winter. Hong Kong Photograph...Read More
  • Monday October 17, 2022


    amanacliq joined hands with Mother Shanghai and is honored to work on the latest Woolmark print campaign. A brand that is dedicated to focusing on sustainable fashion and guaranteeing the quality and comfort of its fabric. Working with Woolmark&rsquo...Read More
  • Thursday September 15, 2022

    和The North Face一起开启自我探索之旅

    We are privileged to partner with The North Face once again to create a series of imagery that honours the originality and authenticity of nature. In line with the true spirit of the brand, this was shot in many undeveloped locations in GanSu. We hop...Read More
  • Thursday September 8, 2022

    Coca Cola "Real Magic" New Work Release!!

    2022 is a year when consumers and customers adapt to a new reality post-covid. Coca Cola recently launched a completely brand new concept. A brave alteration to the logo that we are all so familiar with. This fresh and bold move is befitting to their...Read More
  • Sunday April 10, 2022

    摄影师Stefan Khoo与艺人Stefanie Sun一起抗“疫”

    Here’s a showcase of Singapore-based photographer, Stefan Khoo, recent works of Stefanie Sun. Stefanie’s recent album expressed people's determination to fight against the epidemic the desire for love and a brighter future. Stefan K...Read More
  • Friday February 18, 2022

    摄影师Munetaka Tokuyama近况

    Munetaka Tokuyama Munetaka Tokuyama has been keeping himself busy in Japan.  Not only has he shot many exiciting campaigns, he's also starting to launch his own NFT.  Munetaka is also working as part of the Megabots NFT project in ...Read More
  • Saturday September 18, 2021

    轩尼诗VSOP✖️李宇春 – 品见初心,邑往情深

    With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Hennessy VSOP tie in with its Brand Ambassador, Chris Lee, to recollect the importance of standing the test of time. Nothing beats pure passion and friendship. Through the campaigns, Hennessy hopes to remind ...Read More
  • Monday August 2, 2021

    Mizone x Liu Hao Ran - 状态到位,脉动由我

    It'll be hard not to spot the Mizone campaign, featuring one of the nation’s youngest yet most critically acclaimed actor, Liu Hao Ran, that is splattered all around town recently. We had the privilege to work with Fred & Farid on the print...Read More
  • Monday July 19, 2021

    栩栩多多 x Jeremyville - 七月期刊

    NYT Kids China recently commissioned esteemed artist Jeremyville to create the cover animation and illustrations for its July comic issue. The theme to this issue was “Summer Stories”, and six artists used their original works to convey t...Read More
  • Tuesday July 6, 2021

    Gatorade - G刻挑战,只待更强者

    At the request of Gatorade, we recently collaborated with Yaqiong Huang and Siwei Zheng—mixed-doubles partners of the Chinese National Badminton Team—for the “Not a Drop of Sweat Goes Wasted” campaign. The location of this sho...Read More
  • Monday June 7, 2021

    Farfetch - Production support for Frank Lebon x Huang Jingyu

    近日,非常荣幸与FARFETCH发发奇合作,和其品牌挚友Johnny黄景瑜完成了一次完美的拍摄。 他是影视作品中的率性硬汉,也是发发奇的忠实顾客。 广告片中,黄景瑜紧跟前沿服装设计风潮,...Read More
  • Monday June 7, 2021

    Loro Piana x Tong Liya (w/David Sims) 携手 David Sims 打造 Loro Piana x 佟丽娅 (上海篇)

    When luxury Italian designer Loro Piana decided to launch their brand new Sesia bag, they sought out renowned British photographer David Sims to capture ambassadors who embody the spirit of the modern classic. We were honored to support him re...Read More
  • Thursday March 4, 2021

    Johnnie Walker - The Depth of Blue 尊尼获加-蓝是深藏不露 蓝是待人寻味

    anomaly Shanghai tasked us with the challenge of creating an art-like and highly-crafted campaign that brings out the multi-dimensional depth within Johnnie Walker Blue. A metaphor to describe the multiple textures and layers contained within the fla...Read More
  • Saturday December 5, 2020

    New Project for Ermenegildo Zegna FW20 "WHAT MAKES A MAN"

    Our new brand campaign work for Zegna FW20 has recently been launched. Honorably assigned by RTG Shanghai, we collaborated with two young and sought after artists in town - director HongLiTing and photographer RenHaiHua to shoot the brand's selected ...Read More
  • Friday August 14, 2020


    Recently, we were again honorably assigned by UNIQLO to assist them with the print & video production of FW20 seasonal lookbook campaign. Photography by Zhuang Yan, video directed by Cong Lin. The two ambassador...Read More
  • Monday August 3, 2020

    Let's Enjoy The Fresh-out Linseed McCormick Salad Dressing 味好美亚麻籽油色拉酱拍摄

    We've recently been assigned by R/GA for the shoot of McCormick, who's the first in the industry to launch a new salad dressing product using linseed oil as the ingredient.  We worked with local photographer Tim Wang for the shoot to cultivate ...Read More

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