• Adidas New Year Campaign 新年造万象

    Friday January 3, 2020 / Share

    新年万物生,万象由我造。我们承接lab上海和北京好卖的创意一起为阿迪打造了一场别具一格的新年盛宴,并推出新春特别服饰系列,横跨 adidas 运动表现系列和 adidas Originals 系列。



    我们的制作团队分别在北京/深圳/泰国三地取景拍摄,与知名导演陈奕仁Muh Chen以及摄影师Ture Lillegraven 合作,将品牌代言人齐聚一堂,打造了一场别开生面的新年夜宴。

    "The new year brings new beginnings and I determine it all". 

    Amanacliq Shanghai took on this amazing challenge from Lab Shanghai and 北京好卖 to produce adidas's groundbreaking Lunar New Year feast for the sensations! The campaign launches Adidas's 2020 Lunar New Year limited collection only available in the Chinese market, with special items designed specially for both their Sports Performance and Originals collections.

    Inspiration for the collection came from the Chinese New Year tradition of Peking Opera performance in the Forbidden City. Drawing from the myriad symbols and imagery found in these 2 most iconic representations of Chinese culture, the team researched extensively into the Twelve Ancient Emblems (traditionally reserved for the use and embroidered into the attire of emperors and senior officials), Flowers like Peony, Crabapple and Lotus connoting various virtues and strengths, as well as various animals like the Tiger, Crane and Carp, found all over the architecture of the Forbidden City as well as the Peking Opera costumes and sets. We invited XS illustration team to create this treasury of distinctively Chinese images which were then skilfully incorporated into the collections by the visionary Adidas product design team to give birth to this one of a kind sportswear collection strongly representing the modern Oriental aesthetic.

    Famed director and photographer Muh Chen and Ture Lillegraven crafted the video and stills campaign shoot together bearing in mind the original inspiration from the opera house setting, creating elaborate sets in Beijing, Shenzhen and Thailand, to capture athletic and celebrity spokespersons who are at the top of their game, which are then seamlessly woven into 1 eye opening celebratory visual spectacle. We are so very proud of shepherding this project from conceptualisation to the final products and successful marketing campaign!







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