• Blue Bottle Coffee China | 听春日低语,拥秋日物候

    Thursday September 14, 2023 / Share

    amanacliq’s in-house photographer, Kamin Kyo, has been shooting for Blue Bottle Coffee China since their launch. The latest spring series is based on [Flower & Fruit] and [Freshness & Vegetable] that aims to awaken the vitality of life. The fall series collects ripe and seasonal fruit that present the crisp in the fall.

    Kamin continues to play with light and shadow that resulted in a series of breathable and clean imagery with details that emphasize the elegant and simple style, which remains consistent with the overall branding of Blue Bottle Coffee.

    Kamin perfectly satisfies the needs of the brand in a minimal and intuitive way, which highlights the elegant and modern tonality. It is the tacit understanding between both photographer and the brand that allows the cooperation to be finished beyond expectation.

    amanacliq的in-house摄影师Kamin Kyo拍摄了蓝瓶咖啡季节系列以春、秋为主题的产品拍摄。春季菜单以【花 · 果】与【鲜 · 蔬】为主题旨在唤醒应季的生机盎然,秋季新品将缤纷秋色呈在盘中延续了Blue Bottle Coffee一贯的简约风格。


    在简约干净的画面中传递了一份特别的清透优雅,Kamin的呈现完美符合了Blue Bottle Coffee的品牌调性。整个拍摄过程都十分顺利,摄影师与品牌的默契让最终成品超出预期。

    Client: Blue Bottle Coffee

    Photographer: Kamin Kyo


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