• Coca Cola "Real Magic" New Work Release!!

    Thursday September 8, 2022 / Share

    2022 is a year when consumers and customers adapt to a new reality post-covid. Coca Cola recently launched a completely brand new concept. A brave alteration to the logo that we are all so familiar with. This fresh and bold move is befitting to their new theme - ‘Seize the moment’.

    Happiness is identified as sharing special moments with family or friends in the company of an iced cold Coca Cola. Photographer Ma Hailun magically brings these moments to life with her great energy and spontaneity.  A great series of images was born and the campaign through its numerous challenges shooting at a time when China has a zero Covid policy, is definitely something we are proud to be a part of.

    为了适应疫情后时代的变化,可口可乐全球发布了全新的品牌理念行动。“Real Magic畅爽带劲 尽享此刻”并调整了新的logo。展现疫情后传递畅爽、振奋的积极精神,增加视觉冲击力和加强和消费者之间的共鸣。


    Client:Coca Cola

    Agency:O&M Shanghai

    Photographer:Ma Hai Lun


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