• CPB肌肤之钥 x 章子怡 | 光耀之巅 光华天成

    Monday May 13, 2024 / Share

    Clé de Peau Beauté teamed up with global brand ambassador, Zhang Ziyi, to present a grandiose "THE HEIGHT OF RADIANCE" campaign, paying tribute to every gifted and radiant woman. Amanacliq collaborated with French director, Wilfried Martin, and renowned fashion photographer, Charles Guo, for this shoot. Through manipulation of light, shadows, and color, we managed to delicately capture the oriental charm exuded by Zhang Ziyi.

    One of the most collaborative and supportive clients we have worked with, there was always an uplifting and positive vibe throughout this journey. Big thanks to everyone for the trust and hard work.  

    CPB肌肤之钥携手全球品牌大使章子怡为女性之美倾献殿堂级「光耀瑰宝」,献礼每一位天赋光耀的女性。amanacliq携手法国导演Wilfried Martin和中国著名时尚摄影师郭濮源Charles Guo参与此次的拍摄。通过对光影和色彩的精湛运用,导演和摄影师以细腻的镜头语言,捕捉了章子怡淡颜下交映的东方气韵,与CPB共同诠释女性内心的力量,展现光耀的状态。

    Client: Shiseido Creative

    Director:Wilfried Martin

    Photographer:郭濮源Charles Guo


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