• Jordan! 心高 不分主场

    Tuesday December 6, 2022 / Share

    Jordan has passed a marvelous 25 years mark since their first product AJ 12 was introduced into the Chinese market in 1997. amanacliq is proud to produce this significant campaign celebrating Jordan’s achievement. The tag line is expected to welcome and open up another new chapter of the brand’s journey in China.

    Edison Chen and 3 new signed athletes coming from not just basketball, but sports such as skateboarding and hip-hop dancing, shows Jordan’s ambition and intent to reach a wider base. “Aiming high regardless of fields” is not only a slogan, it also speaks of the desire to put words into action by showing the determination of sports lovers not allowing covid-19 to stop them from chasing their dreams with passion and creativity.

    自1997年携AJ 12 正式进入中国市场以来,Jordan品牌作为全球街头潮流文化的风向标已走过精彩的25年。amanacliq此次参与了拍摄主题为“心高 不分主场”的Jordan 25周年系列庆祝活动,望与品牌一起迎接全新的精彩篇章。

    陈冠希与此次签约的三位新生代运动员不仅来自品牌的主场——篮球领域,更有滑板和街舞,也彰显出Jordan品牌根植于篮球,又向着不同运动文化领域进发的理念。“心高 不分主场”不仅是一句口号,更是切实的行动。疫情的影响也无法阻挡运动文化爱好者的热情与创意。

    Client: Jordan

    Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai

    Photographer: Robert Nilsson (China), Steve Gaudin (Tokyo)


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