• Latest works from our Shanghai-based photographer, Kamin Kyo

    Monday June 26, 2023 / Share

    Kamin Kyo was born in Shanghai, China, in 1987, and he graduated from Tokyo Zokei University with a M.A degree in 2014. His talent got was discovered at a young age and he joined amana inc, our HQ, right after graduation. We are so happy he took up the challenge to join us in Shanghai after 6 years in Tokyo.

    As a perfectionist, Kamin has his own persistence and enthusiasm about the visuals that he creates.

    “Still-life pictures are also full of emotion” he claimed. Kamin loves playing with different lighting and filters to vitalize the objects he shoot, which in turn resulted in very dynamic and vibrant works.

    His pursuit towards perfection and craft is imminent and he’s always self-motivated to explore creative ways to produce more innovative works.

    He is always a pleasure to have on set as he gives his utmost every time.

    Kamin Kyo摄影师在1987年生于上海,并于2014年从东京造型大学毕业。他对于摄影的天赋在早年间就得以展露,使得他在毕业后就加入了amana公司就职。在六年的经验积累后,他于2020年加入了上海广告制作公司amanacliq。




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