• Nick & Chloe's New Work for Air France

    Thursday February 20, 2020 / Share

    Photographer duo Nick & Chloe‘s latest campaign for Air France is now on the air !

    Working hand in hand with Creatives from BETC Paris, Nick and Chloe brought out this campaign in their unique visual language, which is both whimsical and artistic. 

    The artist duo's strengths is not only relying on their creative and technical abilities but going deeper due to Chloe's past experience as an art director for leading creative agencies in Paris. This experience allows them to understand the entire production process from inception to completion and ensures that pictures are shot with the end in mind. They are also known for using contextual portraiture to invent stories and explore the intimacy with their subjects. Their preoccupation with narrative has led to numerous motion projects. 

    See more of their works: https://www.amanacliq.com/photographers/nick-chloe 

    我们代理的摄影师Nick&Chloe为Air France拍摄的最新项目出街了!

    Nick & Chloe的优势不仅仅在于他们出色的创意和执行能力,Chloe作为美术指导的过往工作经历更是赋予他们对整体构思和拍摄到后期的全面能力。他们擅长用情景肖像来讲述故事,和被摄对象建立亲密氛围。 一直以来对画面叙事的专注也延续到他们的动态作品之中.

    他们的更多作品 https://www.amanacliq.com/photographers/nick-chloe 



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