• NIKE Beijing 99! 耐克北京99!

    Monday July 1, 2019 / Share

    In ancient China, military and civilian rank were distinguished by emblems of mythical beasts embroidered on robes. Nike and W+K took inspiration from this system and created 99 originally-designed jerseys that are up for grabs with the help of 5 illustrators.(Shan Jiang / Brian Yap / Ivan Belikov / I Love Dust / Shane Hello)

    Beijing, China’s basketball capital, is home to many proud and confident basketball players. Nike and W+K challenged those players to put their pride on the line and battle for the title of best in Beijing, they launched a four-weekend long tournament where thousands of players play to be among the best 99.

    All of the visuals that went into the campaign were to be directly related to Beijing history, with a modern interpretation to reach the Beijingers. The background 3D designs are inspired by the traditional buildings in the Forbidden City, such as the iconic rooftops, and follow themes of repetition, order, and symmetry. The inspirations were to come 80% from traditional architecture and city-based references and 20% basketball elements, focusing on a combination of geometric and abstract designs. all the 3D elements we collaborate with CG artists (Ewelina Aleksandrowicz & Andrzel Wojtas).


    在中国古代,军人和百姓以绣在长袍上的神兽徽章分类而著称。耐克与W&K从中获得灵感, 邀请5位从世界各地遴选出的插画师绘制出了全球限量99件原创球衣来代表篮球选手的不同等级。我们十分荣幸统筹了这个艺术家插画项目。


    所有这场盛会的视觉效果都与北京城的历史息息相关,用当代的是视觉艺术方式去诠释给北京人民。背景的3D设计灵感来自紫禁城的传统建筑,如标志性的屋顶,并遵循重复、有序和对称的主题。这个设计侧重于几何和抽象设计的组合,其80%灵感来自传统建筑和城市为参考,20%的灵感来源于篮球元素。我们邀请了旗下的三维艺术家Ewelina Aleksandrowicz & Andrzel Wojtas共同完成了这场视觉盛宴。




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