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    The Olympics are officially over (sad we know!). The multiweek jubilee of sports and sportsmanship has come to a close and now is the perfect time to reflect on the incredible moments that unfolded over the last days. Dreams were realized and broken, stories were written with hope and controversy, and records were shattered (including one that dates two thousand years back to Leonidas). It was a celebration of our global community through competition, and we’re here for that.  More than the huge stage, it was about the athletes who endured during these incredible feats and Nike, one of the sponsors of the event, wants their athletes to be front and center – for good reason. They askedShotopop to put together a series of looping GIFs that could tell their stories within tiny parameters.

    Nike is an international company so if you’re looking for them to choose sides in any competition you’re going to be disappointed. The side that Nike chose, instead of a nation, is that of sport, that of the athlete, that of competition. For that reason they had Shotopop create imagery for a serious collection of athletes from Allyson Felix and Vashti Cunningham, to Neymar daSilva, Mo Farah, and Dafne Schippers. Each one of these athletes was at the center of their own drama in Rio, but their presence in these pieces remind us to keep going, focus on our goals, and when it comes down to it: Just Do It.

    In Shotopop’s pieces we see these athletes in a white space, decontextualizing them so we can see them for the people that they are, interacting with space and often with Nike’s motto “Just Do It.” The Olympics is a reminder that we can all be great, as thousands of human beings who have trained and focused and explored human limits find success and break through what we all imagined possible. It’s up to us to rise above and Shotopop shows us how it’s done.


    画面中出现我们熟悉的运动好手,如田径运动员Allyson Felix,跳高选手Vashti Cunningham,知名足球员Neymar daSilva,长跑选手Mo Farah以及荷兰田径队代表Dafne Schippers。每一个运动员都是奥运赛场上的主角,他们将在这一系列动画里为我们加油打气,提醒我们不断向前的毅力并集中目标,当我们放弃之余,提醒自己:Just Do It. 永不妥协,永不放弃,享受当下,大胆突破。

    Shotopop将每个运动员从赛场上抽离出来,置入纯白的空间里,意图干净的呈现他们每一个人的个性本身。或是认真做动作,或跟着节奏轻松摇摆身体,再者充当教练角色将Just Do It喊出来。逗趣的文字就像与观众互动,达到主要传达信息之余,也让人留下深刻印象。



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