• Shotopop Gets Epic for Spike's Ink Master I Shotopop为真人秀节目《纹身大师》制作最新动画预热!

    Sunday May 6, 2018 / Share

    Tattoos can be anything you want them to be. A memento for a loved one, a reminder of a time gone by, or a beautiful flourish that simply looks amazing. But if you’re going to put something permanent on your body, why not make it epic? That was the idea when Shotopop created the latest teasers for the newest season of Ink Master, the SPIKE TV reality show that celebrates the artistry of tattoos in the best prototypical contemporary American way: competition.

    The animated spot entitled “Ink Master: Return Of The Masters” that stretches past 90 seconds, shows us the masters Anthony Michael, Steve Tefft, and DJ Tambe, as well as host Dave Navarro, surfing through a city’s sky that moves to a massive battlefield at the foot of a mountain. Each master commands a small army of artists on the show who compete to win, but in Shotopop’s animation the masters also command all the entities that come to life from tattoos scrawled across fans. Dragons, octopi, birds of prey, and femme fatales leap off arms and chests and slam together on the field of battle.

    Shotopop carefully honed the animation style for this video, choosing lines and colors that reflect the heritage of the art form, respecting the source inspiration while bringing it all together to its logical display.

    The war climaxes at the apex of the mountain with the masters and Navarro about to engage in a final showdown.  If you want to see what that showdown will look like,check out Shotopop’s animation to tide you over.

    纹身可以是你想要的任何东西。给你所爱的人一个纪念品,一个逝去时光的提醒,或单纯是一个惊艳的图案。但是如果你想在你的身体上留下一些永久的东西,为什么不让它成为传奇呢? Shotopop本着这一念头,给最新一季的《纹身大师》(Ink Master)制作了预热动画片。《纹身大师》是SPIKE TV真人秀,它以最典型的当代美国方式来庆祝纹身的艺术性:竞争。





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