• SHOTOPOP X OREO SLASH 奥利奥: 这一次我们把月球划开了!

    Friday September 8, 2017 / Share

    Recently, Shotopop teamed up with creative agency Personal Best Shanghai to accomplish a Wonderfilled animation for Oreo, introducing their brand new packaging. 

    Aiming to bring customers' attention to Oreo's upgraded product packaging, the creative team thought out of the box and came up with the unique "Oreo Slash" idea, which inspired Shotopop to finish a creative treatment within 3 days and won the pitch against 4 other international animation studios. 

    Programmed and adapted for mobile use, this interactive animation brings users to an exciting journey where fun and quirky characters pops up as the user swipes their phone screen, and eventually revealing the Oreo's latest sleek packaging. 

    What are you waiting for? Click on the link below on your mobile to join us in this Wonderfilled journey right now! http://oreo.bungba.com/?from=timeline&isappinstalled=0

    最近,Shotopop受邀沪上创意公司Personal Best,为奥利奥制作了最新的互动动画广告。


    Shotopop受到创意启发,在短短三天内完成了比稿提案,并击败其余四家来自世界各地的动画工作室赢得了这个有趣的案子。在一个月内制作完成了这条脑洞大开的动画制作。精致的配色, 可爱的动物形象和生动有趣的音效,赶紧和我们一起登上月球,开启这一段精彩的奥利奥奇思妙想之旅吧。

    玩转互动版本,请在手机登录 http://oreo.bungba.com/?from=timeline&isappinstalled=0


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