• STEFAN KHOO与肖战共同探索拉夫劳伦俱乐部香水的奥秘

    Tuesday March 19, 2024 / Share

    Ralph Lauren Fragrances announce the launch of Ralph's Club: From Singapore to New York at the Event Plaza, Marina Bay Sands and the brand’s latest fragrance, Ralph’s Club Elixir with Brand Ambassador, Xiao Zhan gracing the exciting launch event on 1 December.

    Amanacliq had the privilege to be part of this unforgettable gentleman's experience, capturing memorable photographs of Xiao Zhan as they delved into the mysteries of Ralph's Club fragrance together.

    Through the profound and delicate language of the lens and Xiao Zhan's elegant interpretation, the photographer perfectly showcased the timeless elegance of the brand, embarking on a modern fragrance journey filled with surprises.

    2023年12月1日,拉夫劳伦香水的全球代言人、中国男演员兼歌手肖战以低调的姿态现身新加坡滨海湾金沙活动广场,参加了全新Ralph’s Club Elixir拉夫劳伦俱乐部典藏香精新品发布会,一举成为全球焦点。作为活动的主角,肖战吸引了全球影迷的瞩目。

    Amanacliq摄影师Stefan Khoo有幸参与了这一场难忘的绅士体验之旅,为肖战拍摄了这一组难忘的照片,与肖战共同探索拉夫俱乐部香水的奥秘。

    Stefan Khoo通过深入细腻的镜头语言和肖战的优雅演绎,完美展现了品牌永恒优雅的魅力,一同开启充满惊喜的摩登香氛之旅。



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