• Stimulate your weekend at amanacliq Summer Festival 夏日艺术展让你的周末动起来

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    Here are all the artists whose work will be featured at the event: Joseph Lau, Ton Mak, Naomi Wu, Shan Jiang, Fu Le visitors, Lala Company, Camille Chan, Shuang Hu, Brandon Tucs, Ryan Nimmo, Wassim Boutaleb, Emma Xu, Strong Zhu, Nicky Zhu, Keith Cheng, K Fish, Joe Cai, Sally Zou, Samuel Chen, Eszter Chen, Alicia Shi, Annie Atienza and Dave Tacon, Elsie Tao, Miss Smurf, Anita Chen, and Charl Jacobus Grabe.


    Below we have highlighted of few of the artists so you can get a taste of what’s in store for the day!


    插画师  |  Naomi Wu – Illustrator

    插画师Naomi Wu现居上海,她用插画作品传递出人的情绪和意识。她相信,插画是一种自我治愈,也是一种人性的心理探索。

    Naomi Wu is an illustrator based in Shanghai.  Her illustrations are mostly telling stories about peopleʼs emotion and subconsciousness. She believes illustration is a way of self-cure and psychological exploration of personality.

    插画师 Joseph Lau – Illustrator  

    Joseph Lau曾就职于Weiden + Kennedy上海,近期加入了MAL上海,担任广告创意副总监,专门为苹果公司打造广告。2012年,他创立了“会议The Meeting Monsters)个人插画项目,他在会议上观察形形色色的人们,由此创作了很多怪异多变的怪兽,每一张插画都映射出会议中人们独特的性格和行为。

    Joseph Lau has worked at  Weiden + Kennedy, Shanghai and recently joined MAL Shanghai as a creative lead for advertising work for Apple.  He started a personal illustration project called “The Meeting Monsters” in 2012. Through observing different attendants in different meetings, he created many weirdly wonderful “monsters”, all revealing unique personalities and behaviors during the meetings.


    插画师 Shan Jiang – Illustrator and Creative Director 

    江杉现居伦敦,是Pig Chicken & Cow 艺术丝巾品牌的创始人,也是Shotopop的合伙人、总监。

    Shan Jiang is currently based in London.  Founder of a scarf label Chicken Pig Cow.  He’s a partner and director at Shotopop.


    插画师 Ton Mak (Flabjacks) – Doodler and Visual Artist 

    Ton MakFlabjacks)是一位常驻上海的涂鸦手,也是一位视觉艺术家,有时也会去香港。她的作品都是日常生活中各种实用的小物件,让你可以戳一戳、抱一抱、玩一玩,比如懒人沙发、毛绒玩具和搪胶玩具等。

    Ton Mak (Flabjacks) is a doodler and visual artist based in Shanghai and sometimes Hong Kong.  She makes products, things you can poke, hug or just simply hang out with in the form of bean bags, plush toys, soft vinyl toys, and various practical stuff in life.



    Brandon Lee from Evil Twins

    Keith Cheng and Tiger from Buzz

    Terence Leong / Edward Bell / Charles Edwards from Black Star

    7月7日 本周五晚上,快来加入我们的广告人聚会,看看展,听听音乐,吃吃喝喝,度过美好的夏日周末夜。

    Come join us this Friday night for the open event, the exhbition will last till Next Monday. Let's chill and embrace creative passion! 


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